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Quality and environment Policy


Bosisio SPA promotes the continuous improvement of its business and so decided to integrate the requirements established by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards into its management system.

Bosisio SPA defines its own policy for quality and environment, proving its commitment, communicates it to the staff working under the control of the organization and makes it available to interested parties, following its corporate objectives, in accordance with the context in which it operates for each of the following principles:


Focus on customers and environment

Complete focus on its customer satisfaction while respecting the environment

We are committed to providing a product offering the best characteristics of quality, service and price, in accordance with the applicable mandatory requirements, identify actual and future customers’ needs and respect the pre-established requirements with them, always respecting the environment.


Leadership and direction of the organization

We involve all area managers in the implementation of the policy, in the definition and achievement of pre-established goals and assign them the task of creating a receptive environment for the environmental company performance.

We prepare business plans and programs showing specific objectives to achieve, for each target we assign resources, responsibilities and also implementation times.



Involvement and professional growth of staff

We identify staff proviciency levels and organize meetings and internal and/or external training courses held by qualified entities.

We promote the clear attribution of responsibilities and authority to employees, their motivation and empowerment, recognizing their merits, taking into account their feedback for their activities.

Business Processes

Optimization of business processes and the continuous improvement of its management system

We analyze the context, related risks/opportunities and activities to be undertaken.

We perform management reviews with the aid of internal audits, obtaining feedback from interested parties and related actions to take for optimization, as well as periodic reviews and possible redefinitions of the policy and objectives also based on the analysis of the improvement proposals by each area manager.

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Suppliers e Partners

Maintain a proven reliability level of its suppliers, both for product quality and for the compliance of the services provided, trying to guide its partners to respect the environment and the climate

We actively collaborate with suppliers in researching quality products with a lower environmental impact.


Control of environmental aspects influencing its performance, in particular:

of the air quality, conveyed from the workplace to the external environment;

of the necessary resources used in the activity;

of the waste generated by the production activities;

of the acoustic impact of the most important equipments and processes;

of the prevention of waste water pollution in the soil and in the subsoil;

of raw materials proper storage, especially chemicals.



Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements signed by the company

We believe that a solid compliance is an essential prerequisite for environmental and energy excellence.

We are engaged in meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental regulations, company standards, compliance obligations, and voluntary initiatives that we sign up for.

Each employee is responsible for complying with legal and corporate requirements.

We follow established policies and procedures to ensure that our operations do not pollute the environment and that all of our facilities comply with the law.

April 7th, 2021


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