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About us

Over 60 years of history, technological skills, customer care and attention to detail.


The Firm Bosisio Francesco & C. SpA was founded in 1956, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit idea of the brothers Francesco and Antonio Bosisio, and it was initially based in the Isola district of Milan.

Evolving over the years, both technologic and organization-wise, the company first moved to the Bovisa district then, in 1988 to Novate Milanese, on the outskirts of Milan.

In 2019 the company moved to a larger area (over 11,000 square meters), always in Novate, and built the new production plant from scratch, in order to be at the cutting edge of technology and quality, aiming to a constant and continuous improvement.

moulds - BosisioFrancesco


The continuous investment in technology has enabled Bosisio Francesco & C. SpA to maintain and improve its quality and competitiveness over the time, becoming a long-standing firm at the cutting edge of the closures sector.

The production plant includes about thirty presses from 80 to 380 tons, two-material molding machines, automatic feeding and coloring systems, and internal repair equipment for the management of molds.


Our mission is to create customized products, tailored to fit each customer’s needs.

The attention to the detail and the focus on the customer’s needs are the pillars of our philosophy.

Bosisio Francesco & C. SpA, the new headquarters
BosisioFrancesco, headquarters, aerial view


The company is focused on the environment and the sustainability:


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